RigNet Qatar W.L.L. ("RigNet Qatar") serves as the Middle East Regional Head Office supporting service center locations in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Iraq and Oman. All service centers are capable of supporting offshore and onshore services throughout the Middle East.

RigNet Qatar is a subsidiary of RigNet, Inc. ("RigNet") a leading global provider of managed communications, networks, and collaborative applications. RigNet provides solutions ranging from fully-managed data networks to more advanced applications, or hybrid models depending on the regulatory environment. Any model chosen enables advanced networking and support for video conferencing, real-time data services, remote learning & training, and remote medical services. The RigNet networks currently extend over thirty countries on six continents, effectively spanning the world’s drilling and production industry. RigNet is based in Houston Texas Nasdaq RNET.

RigNet has become the model for both offshore and onshore communications delivering unprecedented reliability and quality of service.